Botch Frivarg (they/them or he/him)

Self-portrait of Botch Frivarg with one of their favourite plush toys
A self-portrait of Botch Frivarg featuring one of their plush toys

Botch is a 30 something furry with a wolf fursona (Canis Lupus Sapien) who in their spare time spends time on making photos, videos and occasionally dabbles in programming. Also they write the occasional article on those subjects or something else.

They like inflatable, nature and overthinking the big questions in life. In their other identity they work for a large manufacturer creating equipment for the semiconductor industry.

You can find them on Youtube, Flickr and Twitter.

Why this website

I sometimes like to write articles about various stuff that have no place on e.g. twitter (mostly since those are to long) or can’t really make a video about. Also it makes for a nice landing spot for people who want to find my other content.

This website

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